Are you ready to discover your limits?

Test your survival skills, navigate unknown terrain, sprint over obstacles and hit your target.  Four activities to prepare you for any adventure, are you ready for Basecamp?

REAKOUT – Can you beat the clock? Crack the codes and solve the puzzles, does your team have what it takes to get out in time?

TARGET ARCHERY – Are you on target?  Get ultra-focused and tighten up your precision. Can you hit bullseye?

SURVIVAL MAZE – Can you survive?  Sharpen your mind and find your inner strength. When it all goes dark and the walls are squeezing in, will you keep your nerve?

Assault Course – What is your limit? 

Balance, climb, leap and scramble your way through. At the base of a 6-foot wall, do you go over or around?

What’s included

  • Parties are split into groups of 16
  • 90 minutes to complete 4 basecamp activities; Breakout, Survival Maze, Target Archery and Assault Course
  • Free Digital photos for each Basecamp activity
  • Expert guidance and safety briefings
  • All safety equipment provided

Boring but important

  • Suitable for 11+ years
  • Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult
  • Pack light, you will be moving around
  • Dress appropriately, check out what to wear for details
  • Check our safety restrictions before you buy tickets


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